…touring theatre and workshops in adventure


A Brief History

Welcome to the world of Teatro Unfortunato.

Teatro Unfortunato started off life as a touring Commedia Dell Arte troupe causing mayhem and stupidity in a range of public spaces.

Working alongside local district councils, museums, hospitals and a range of public agencies, we created “theatre to order” with the main purpose of  playful disruption and community engagement.



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Teatro Unfortunato embraces adventure of any kind.   The main question we asks ourselves is – “Is there any energy in the room?”

Theatre and performance is a shared experience where living in the moment is  at the centre of what we do.   Immersive experiences are built upon the belief that audiences come to theatre to play and be challenged.



Address    High Bank, Forty Green, Beaconsfield, Bucks HP9 1XS

Tel.   01494 681643

Mobile    07914 081139